We currently have active collaborations with the following research groups.

Prof. Valerie de Crecy-Lagard
University of Florida
Projects: 7-deazaguanine modifications of human tRNAand phage DNA.

Prof. David Hecht
Southwestern College
Projects: Structure-based design of novel anti-folate inhibitors.

Prof. Dirk Iwata-Reuyl
Portland State University
Projects: t6A biosynthesis in bacteria; tRNAand DNA modification with 7-deazaguanines.

Prof. Antoni Luque
San Diego State University
Projects: Structural bioinformatics predictions of environmental indicators in phage major capsid proteins

Prof. Dmitry Lyumkis
Salk Institute
Projects: Cryo-EM studies of RNA modification enzyme complexes.

Prof. Byron Purse
San Diego State University
Projects: Design and synthesis of nucleoside inhibitors toward a new class of anti-folate antibiotics.

Dr. Jaime Schiffer
Janssen Inc., La Jolla
Projects: Computational studies of tRNAmodification enzymes.

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