Post Doctoral Scientists

Amit Luthra, April 2015-Feb 2019. “Biochemical and structural characterization of the T. maritima threonylcarbamoyladenosine biosynthesis system.” Linkedin:

Research Assistants

  1. Sana Alkuzweny, Jan 2019-May 2020,
  2. Susan Bayooz, May 2016-April 2019
  3. Jonathan Alvarez, 2013-2014,
  4. Robert Reddy, 2010-2011,

Graduate Students

  1.  Xianghan Mei, M.S., 2015-2018. “Crystallographic analysis of the archaeosine synthase QueF-Like.”
  2. Marina Kirkland, M.S., 2013-2015.  “Preliminary studies of bacterial and human threonylcarbamoyl adenosine biosynthesis proteins in vivo and in vitro.”
  3. Adeba Mohammad, M.S., 2014-2015. “Protection of the nitrile reductase QueF from irreversible oxidation by a conserved intramolecular disulfide.”
  4.  Jonathan Alvarez, M.S., 2011-2013.  “Assembly of the Threonylcarbamoyl Adenosine (t6A37) Biosynthesis Enzyme Complex – a Partial Biochemical Analysis and Inhibition of the Type IB GTP Cyclohydrolase from Neisseria gonorrhoeae.”
  5. Maryam K. Kiani, M.S., 2010-2012.  “Crystallographic Studies of the Nitrile Reductase and tRNA Modification Enzyme QueF.”

Undergraduate Students

  1. Eric Hellie (Spring 2018-Fall 2019) “Crystallization of FolE2 in complex with novel inhibitor compounds.” “Modeling of DNA binding by Salmonella montevideo DpdA, a novel DNA transglycosylase involved in the modification of DNA with 7-deazapurines.” “Crystallization of the T. maritima t6A biosynthesis complex with a tRNA anticodon stem-loop.”
  2. Albert Susanto (Spring-Fall 2019) “High-throughput crystallization of two DNA modification enzymes: Salmonella montevideo DpdB and E. coli bacteriophage 9g GAT-QueC.”
  3. Ayesha Haque (Spring-Fall 2019) “Inhibition kinetics of FolE2.”
  4. Stuart Yi (Summer 2019, Carleton College). “Crystallization of three enzymes involved in the modification of tRNA and DNA with 7-deazaguanines”
  5. Jason (Weitao) Huang (Fall 2018-Spring 2019, SDSU biochem) “High-throughput crystallization of DpdA from E. coli phage 9g.”
  6. Kevin Zarghan (Summer 2018, SDSU biology and SDSU-UCSD U54 Partnership scholar) “Overexpression and purification of the human and bacterial queuosine salvage protein DUF2419.”
  7. Michael Najeeb (Summer 2018-Fall 2018, SDSU biology) “Mass production of FolE2 crystals.”
  8. Ryan Murphy (Fall 2018-Spring 2019, Honors College student, special study) “Bioinformatic analysis of bacterial t6A biosynthesis enzymes” and “tRNA binding properties of the archaeosine synthases ArcS, GAT-QueC and QueF-Like.”
  9. Daniel Listiyo (Spring 2018, SDSU biochem) “Docking analysis of designed anti-FolE2 inhibitors.”
  10. Natesh Bangalore Shasi (Spring 2017, SDSU continuing education student). “bioinformatic analysis of Tsa enzymes”
  11. Jessy Borbon (Spring 2017-Spring 2018, SDSU biochem). “Semi high throughput screening of a compound library for inhibitors of Neisseria GCYH-IB”
  12. Jonathan Bush (Spring 2017-Spring 2018, SDSU biochem). “Crystallization of E. coli TsaC in complex with substrates and product.”
  13. Joshua Savage (Spring 2017-Fall 2017, SDSU biochem). “Crystallization of Salmonella montevideo DpdA.”
  14. Arthur Garate (Spring 2017, SDSU biochem). “Computational Docking of GTP cyclohydrolase inhibitors for structure based design.”
  15. Alex Escobar (Fall 2016-Spring 2017, SDSU biochem). “Overexpression and Purification of E. coli TsaC1 catalytic mutant.” 
  16. Ja Hee Han (Fall 2016-Fall 2018, SDSU biochem). “Crystallization of T. maritima TsaC2.” 
  17. Jesse Muse (Summer 2016-Fall 2016, SDSU biochem). “Undergraduate Biochemistry Laboratory Management.”
  18. Phuc Phan (Spring 2016-Fall 2016, SDSU biochem).  “Cloning, Overexpression, Purification, and Crystallization of Two Enzymes that Modify DNA with 7-Deazaguanosines.”
  19. Alicia Razo (Spring 2016, SDSU biology).  “Structural bioinformatic analysis of phage major coat proteins from environmental metagenomes.”
  20. Julio Valle (Spring 2016, SDSU biology).  “Structural bioinformatic analysis of phage major coat proteins from environmental metagenomes.”
  21. Quang Jack Ngo (Spring 2016, SDSU biology).  “Structural bioinformatic analysis of phage major coat proteins from environmental metagenomes.”
  22. David Dallas-Orr (Spring 2016, SDSU biochem).  “Structural bioinformatic analysis of phage major coat proteins from environmental metagenomes.”
  23. Susan Bayooz (Fall 2015-Fall 2016, SDSU biochem). “Cloning, Overexpression, Purification, and Crystallization of E. coli phage DNA modification enzyme Tgt9g.”
  24. Vanessa Quach (Fall 2015-Fall 2016, SDSU biochem).  “Crystallization of the catalytic mutant Glu78Gln of the nitrile reductase QueF,” and “Cloning of the Salmonella Montevideo 7-deazaguanosine DNA modification protein TgtA2.”
  25. Ivan Gonzalez (Fall 2015, SDSU biochem).  “Crystallization of the catalytic mutant Glu78Ala of the nitrile reductase QueF.”
  26. Shivani Thacker (2014).  “Crystallization of the Archaeosine Synthase QueF-Like.”
  27. Mehrnoosh Sherani (2014).  “Crystallization of GCYH-IB in Complex with Inhibitors.”
  28. Cristobal Damaris (2013).  “Purification of FolE2.”
  29. Mandira Patel (2013, La Sierra University Riverside). “Purification of FolE2.”
  30. Jacqueline Lusinyan (2012-2013, Berkeley). “Crystallization of QueF Mutant in Complex with Substrate and Cofactor.”
  31. Deborah Jeon (2008, Claremont College). “tRNA Binding Properties of E. coli YrdC.”
  32. Brenda Gonzales (2008-2009, CalPoly). “High Throughput Crystallization of Neisseria GCYH-IB.”
  33. Kinjal Shah ( 2008-2009,CalPoly). “Crystallization of Neisseria GCYH-IB.”

High School Students

  1. Katie Vu (Summer 2019, ACS Project SEED High School student). “Understanding enzyme structure and function through video illustrations.” 
  2. Aliyah Armstrong (Summer 2018, ACS Project SEED high school student) “Mass production of FolE2 crystals.” 
  3. Nickolas Villasenor (2011, highschool intern). “Refinement of Crystallization Conditions of the Nitrile Reductase QueF.”

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